Blare Films San Diego

A San Diego Video production company has developed an expertise in many cutting edge video technologies and techniques.


Expertise Ultra HD Productions

Ultra HD Experts

At Blare Films we see that the next standard in video resolution is 4k (UHD). In 2007 Blare was one of the 1st video production companies to receive the Red One UHD 4k camera. The quality of our work shows how we have evolved with the Red Camera. From 4k to now 6k.

Here are some of our Ultra High Definition (UHD) Camera Selections:
Red Epic Dragon – Read More
Red Scarlet Dragon – Read More
Red Scarlet
Sony FS7  – Read More
Sony A7S – Read More
Panasonic GH4 – Read More


Aerial Video

Our drone fleet now equipped UHD cameras capable of 4k or higher resolution. Not only are we capable of flying a Red Epic Dragon on an octo-copter, we also added a couple all in one drone like the DJI Inspire 1 Pro Carbon Fiber Zenmuse X5 or the DJI Phantom 4.  READ MORE


High Dynamic Range Video (HDR)

What is it? Dynamic range is essentially a measure of the ratio of light to dark in a photograph. Normally when taking a picture you have to set your exposure at a single point. Anything far above that stop will appear very bright or blown out, and something too far below that stop will look too dark. Basically you lose detail in areas that are too bright or too dark.

Here is a sample of a Hyper-Timelapse Video combined with HDR stills and video:


Independent Film Production

For years we have been able to help independent short and feature Film producers.