Automotive Commercial

Automotive Commercial

Prestige Motors – Colors

Check out this automotive commercial. For this spot we traveled all over Southern California to find great shot. So times just capturing cars and trucks in action says it all.  We event shot up in the forrest. The goal was to make a great automotive commercial for Prestige Motors. We shot this with the Red Epic Dragon. We also played with the dynamic range of the camera.  This help us get some great colors. Once out on the road we mounted cameras. Something we were leading in another vehicle. Skillful work from our camera operator and crew. Jason coordinated the driving team of Cyrus and Michael. Was we got this back out post-production team color graded the footage and put out a polished commercial.

Prestige Motors makes an effort to showcase the most popular, highest quality preowned vehicles in the area on their car lot.  Check out their website, Click Here 

For those that want to learn a little more on HDR follow this link HDR process

Our Blare Films’ San Diego video production team is tried and tested. We can easily make a local area commercial look like a national spot.

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