Beautiful Music Video – Kriti Sharma

Kriti Sharma – Baby What You Mean To Me

Beautiful Music Video

A fun and beautiful music video production. It was produced for Indian born MTV’s Splitsvilla cast member and recording artist Kriti Sharma. After weeks of planning we started in a large San Diego Residence. That is where you see the piano shots.  Outside the house we shot in front and inside the gorgeous swimming pool. The next day we headed out to Death Valley. It took a lot of travel time. Our only goal was to get there at sunset. As you see we arrived just in time. We captured breath taking shots of Kriti and her dancers. The we set out the best shot of all with Kriti playing the cello. After that it was only a 3 hrs drive to Las Vegas. There we capture them driving through the strip having fun. The video was shot by Justin McAllen using our Red Epic UHD Camera. We had a grip and makeup artist on set. This beautiful music video was directed by Ro Leon.

Also feature in the video was Vikas Mahendroo, Kriti’s MTV Splitsvilla 3 cast member.

About Splitsvilla

It is reality show revolves around young boys and girls trying to secure a place in “Splitsvilla”, a villa. It is a “hunt for love” show where boys and girls compete in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with the contestants to find love. In the end, one boy and one girl are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla, as a couple. There are a lot of fights, jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, and love when all these wild contestants get together. There are also a King and Queen who have dumping powers.

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