Cajun Style Restaurant

Cajun Style Restaurant


Who is your daddy at this cajun style restaurant? Our second round of production for Crawdaddy’s restaurant involved writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing four :15 second TV spots to showcase specific facets of the Crawdaddy’s experience. One spot features the Visalia landmark’s Sunday brunch: Additional spots push early-bird dinners, family-friendly dining and, last but not least, Crawdaddy’s house band, The Crawdads. The spots were modular and could be broadcast as either four :15s or combined into two :30s or a single :60 second spot. All cajon and bayou inspired. Bon Appetite!


Crawdaddy’s has the coldest beer in town and a fully-stocked bar that will quench anyone’s thirst. We feature many beers on tap and have a wide selection of bottled beer, too. There are also drink specials, and mixologist Marianna Lopez loves sharing her creative concoctions with our patrons.

If you’re a sport’s fan, you’ve gotta come on down and watch your favorite team on one of our big screen TVs and share in the camaraderie.

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