Car Commercial Production

Car Commercial Production

Own A Car – Trey Tosh

Here is a Super Bowl commercial that we did for Own A Car in January. It was a lot of fun to shoot with Trey Tosh and his band and we had a great time throwing an “impromptu” party on top of the tallest parking structure in Fresno with a great shot of downtown. We shot the spot with our RED, Canon L series lenses and a Canon 60D. Justin McAleece and Ian McAleece shared DP credits along with Jordan Esswein as AC and Jeff Smith as Key Grip. The spot starred Jeslen Mishelle Saenz, Brandon Cash, Ro Leon and Several others. Thanks to everyone for showing up and helping us make a successful spot. This car commercial was shot buy our San Diego video production team.

About Trey Tosh:

Born in California, Trey was quick to embrace the musical adeptness inherited from his father. Picking up the guitar at the age of eleven Trey’s proficiency excelled with alacrity and within one year was already performing publicly at a variety of jam nights, open mics, and festivals.  After catching the ear of Blues legend Ron Thompson at an impromptu jam night at Porky’s, Trey was asked to return for weekly gigs. Learn More