Casino TV Spot Production

Casino TV Spot Production

Tachi Palace Casino and Resort

San Diego Casino TV Spot for Tachi Palace Casino and Resort. For this spot Windsong and BLARE Films decided that they wanted to make a casino spot with some pretty specific stipulations. The commercial would have to be able to be played year-round, feel fun but not over the top, be catchy but not annoying and really get the audience to want to stop on by and have a good time at the Casino.

The Casino is ran but the Tachi Yokuts tribe.

About The Yokuts:

The Yokuts (previously known as Mariposans) are an ethnic group of Native Americans native to central California. Before European contact, the Yokuts consisted of up to 60 tribes speaking the same language.

Some of their descendants prefer to refer to themselves by their respective tribal names and reject the name Yokuts with the claim that it is an exonym invented by English speaking settlers and historians.[citation needed] “Yokuts” means “People.” Conventional sub-groupings include the Foothill Yokuts, Northern Valley Yokuts, and Southern Valley Yokuts.

Yokuts tribes populated the San Joaquin Valley,[2] from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta (“the delta”) south to Bakersfield and the adjacent foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which lies to the east.

In the northern half of the Yokuts region, there were some tribes inhabiting the foothills of the Coast Range, which lies to the west. There is evidence of Yokuts inhabiting the Carrizo Plain and creating rock art in the Painted Rock area. Read More

San Diego Casino TV Spot production.