Children’s Hospital TV Commercial

Children’s Hospital – The Dallas Carr Story

TV Commercial

We learned a great story working on this children’s hospital spot. Sometimes when you go into a shoot you’ll have a preconception about how things would normally go. Other times you get told that all the things you planned on making up the story with were now off-limits. In this piece for Children’s Hospital we were tasked with telling the story of Dallas Carr, the son of the soon to be Oakland Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr. The only trick was that we really couldn’t put any infants on camera. We couldn’t show any faces or distinguishing features, no nurses, really not much of anything besides the Carr’s. Luckily necessity is the mother of invention. We were able to find some interesting angles, subtle storytelling techniques and inventive approaches to our imagery that turned a simple half-day shoot into something that we’re rather proud of. This piece was shot with Canon DSLR’s by Blare Films San Diego’s Justin McAleece and Byron Watkins, directed by Byron Watkins and produced and edited by Windsong Productions.

What are Children’s Hospitals? A children’s hospital is a hospital which offers its services exclusively to children and adolescents. Most children’s hospitals can serve children from birth up to the age of 18, or in some instances, children’s hospitals’ doctors may treat children until they finish high school. The number of children’s hospitals proliferated in the 20th century, as pediatric medical and surgical specialties separated from internal medicine and adult surgical specialties.

Children’s hospitals are characterized by greater attention to the psychosocial support of children and their families. Some children and young people have to spend relatively long periods in hospital, so having access to play and teaching staff can also be an important part of their care. With local partnerships this can include trips to local botanical gardens, zoo, and public libraries for instance.

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