Childrens Hospital TV Spot

Childrens Hospital TV Spot

San Diego Video Production – TV Commercial for Childrens Hospital Central California.

The spot was shot by Blare Films’ Justin McAleece with Ian McAleece and Jeff Ervin as gaffers. It was directed by Byron Watkins of Windsong Productions for Five Creative Group. We used our Red Epic Ultra HD Camera.

For more than 60 years, Valley Children’s Healthcare has grown to a 358-bed, nationally respected pediatric healthcare network. See the timeline below to learn more about their history:

1949 – As the dream of a children’s hospital in Central California started to become reality, fundraising wheels were set in motion and many hospital guilds were founded. The Llanada Guild donated $6,000 to the building effort in September.

1950 – A building fund campaign successfully raises $325,000.

1951 – Groundbreaking is held at the future site of Valley Children’s Hospital. Later that year, the first medical equipment begins to arrive.

1952 – The Hospital is dedicated to the children of the Central Valley. An open house welcomes dignitaries and visitors to see their dream realized. A few weeks later, Valley Children’s Hospital cares for its first patient.

1953-60 – As the Hospital continues to grow, an iron lung and electromyography are added for polio patients. A cardiac clinic is also opened, serving both adults and children.

Heart surgeons use the only cardioscope in the Valley to perform surgery in the Hospital’s first-ever cardiac catheterization.

1961 – Hospital acquires a heart defibrillator.

The Intensive Newborn Service Center opens to care for premature infants.
In order to calm patients’ fears and help them feel comfortable, the Hospital starts a program to take patients on pre-operative tours.

The first adult heart surgery is performed at Valley Children’s.

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