County Video Production

County Video Production

Santa Clara – Human Resources Initiative

Here’s is a corporate video production we storyboarded, shot and edited for Santa Clara County’s Probation Department. We went to several cities and multiple locations for this shoot that was stretched out over several months. It was a lot of work but they were able to renew their grant and continue this very important public works project. We shot this video with our RED One Camera and lighting package using Canon and RED lenses.

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Department

In partnering with clients, families and communities to create culturally competent opportunities for Hope, Wellness and Recovery, the Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) is committed to serving, improving and making a difference in the lives of Santa Clara residents diagnosed with mental illness. Recovery from mental illness is a realistic goal and the Behavioral Health Services Department supports individuals and families in achieving this goal.

In collaboration with key stakeholders, develop and implement a plan to fully integrate the county’s behavioral health vision, values, approach, infrastructure, systems, processes, services and supports to: Read More