Direct Response TV Commercial

Direct Response TV Commercial

Microwave Cooker

This is a Direct Repose TV Commercial. Also considered a short-form infomercial. We did for a pretty amazing product that eCosway makes. It’s called the Microwave Cooker and it – nevermind, I’ll let Nicole and Max tell you. We shot this with the EX1R and RED here in Fresno.

There pitch:

Do you hate how microwave-cooked foods just don’t taste as good as those cooked in a regular oven?

Do you worry that your food might be altered by the cooking process and lose its nutrition?

With Empress Microwave Cooker, your worrying days are over!

This remarkable piece of cookware converts high frequency microwave radiation into water frequency far infrared radiation, which is then used to cook your food.

What does that mean? It means the moisture stays in your food rather than being cooked out. It also means that food maintains its nutrients, keeping your meals as healthy as possible.

Learn more about this product and other by going to their website. Click Here

This is one of many Direct Response commercials and spots we have produced.