Emergency Room TV Commercial

Emergency Room TV Commercial

Children’s Hospital

This is a Video Production for the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room Facilities. The spot was concepted and written by Windsong Productions, directed by Byron Watkins and shot by Ian and Justin McAleece with the RED Epic UHD Camera with Canon EF L Series lenses.
The message of this emergency room TV commercial is simple. Kid will be kids. Lucky there is Children’s Hospital. You never know what could have. You don’t even know when you’ll need to go. Good to know where you can go.
This was a spot that we shot for Windsong. They have been one of our biggest partners through the year. Our San Diego video production team provides most of the camera and crew needs.

About Windsong Productions in their own words:

Windsong Productions makes movies, TV, commercials, and web content. We use video to tell the stories of people, of companies, of products. Whatever your story is, we want to tell it. That’s why we’re here. We love the whole process — from the moment of an idea’s conception to the very final color correction before screening. You provide the inspiration, and we’ll provide the creative direction and a full production staff to make your project happen.

We’re not just a hired camera — don’t get us wrong, we always use the best tools for the job, but we’re more than that. We’re not defined by our equipment. It’s our ideas that make us who we are. We’re a creative team of directors, writers, producers, editors, colorists, and animators, all working together to make things that are super cool. “Idea people” and “technical people” don’t have to be separate categories. We think the people with the best ideas are the best equipped to execute those ideas. And we think that’s us. Read More