Energy Drink TV Commercial

Energy Drink TV Commercial

51 Fifty Energy Drink

When producing energy drink TV commercials Blare Films San Diego is second to none. This was a fun television commercial we produced for 51 Fifty Energy Drink where Johnny Soto was the director and Justin McAleece was the director of photography. In this spot we focused on the Maca Root which is known to boost your immune system and increase sexual desire. The humorous spot opens with a bored, listless 20-something couple on a couch who is interrupted when a tough-looking “pizza delivery man” arrives with a pizza and a little something extra — a couple of cans of 51 Fifty Energy Drink. As each actor opens his or her drink, their clothes are quickly and magically whisked away, as if to demonstrate the libido-enhancing power of the beverage. An exterior shot reveals that the real pizza delivery guy has been tied up and struggles to break his bonds as the mysterious leather-clad Good Samaritan powers off on his motorcycle.

About 51 Fifty

51FIFTY was borne out of one man’s desire to chase his dream. It didn’t matter how many people told him how dangerous it was and that he shouldn’t take the risk. In fact, that only served to strengthen his resolve. He embraced this new identity and created the 51FIFTY logo which, to this day, stands to represent a person who never quits, meets all challenges head on, doesn’t feel fear, pushes the limit and is crazy enough to chase his or her dream.

We at 51FIFTY believe that everyone has the opportunity for greatness. Once a person decides that he or she does not want to live an ordinary life and does something about it, they become one of us. One can’t be afraid to stand out from the rest. We only reach the top by taking chances and tuning out all the naysayers. We call that “living the madness”. Read More

Energy Drink Commercial Production.