Teaser Trailer Production LEX

Teaser Trailer Production


This was a short film we shot in association with Aftershock Studios and Troy Ruff. Justin McAleece served as the Director of Photography and a majority of the film was shot using Blare Films San Diego’s Red One UHD camera.

Matt Sconce and Gary Sconce are Aftershock Studios. Creating big production value with practically nothing, Aftershock Studios strives to tell stories that make people stand up and cheer. They have over 35 projects coming up in the following years.

Matt Sconce is a multi-award winning Director/Writer/Filmmaker. His awards include: winning a National American Idol music video contest in 2004, Best Sound Design for “Stricken the Short”, Best Visual Effects for “PUSH”, Best Adapted Screenplay for “Stricken”, Best Horror Film for “Stricken”, Best Visual Effects for “Stricken”, and Excellence in Comedy for his co-written screenplay “The Park”. His feature length screenplay “Magic” recently won Best Family/Children Screenplay at the AOF and Best Script of the Year at the AIFF. The short “LEX” he produced also won Best Short at the AOF in 2011. He has recently been nominated for Best Director, Best Feature Film, and Best Art Direction (Overall Look) for “Stricken” at The City of Death International Film Festival in Texas. He has produced 11 shorts, completed the feature film “Stricken”, produced the the family film “Gold Fools”, and is slated to be the director of photography on the feature film “Sunny and Ray Ray”, and “Barcelona Bolero.” He has also filmed trailer footage for the Warner Brothers feature film “Red Riding Hood” and has written 6 Feature screenplays. His feature “Stricken” was released by Warner Bros/Gravitas on 15 million televisions, and his feature “Magic” is being shopped to Warner Brothers. “The Park” now titled “FIREFALL – An Epic Family Adventure”, Premiered June 2nd in Fresno, California and was being sold at the Film Market at Cannes. It will be released Theatrically at the end of 2012. His editing skills for Local NBC affiliate were nominated for an EMMY. Matt is currently working on more feature films and is in post production for his found footage film, Altar.
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