Logistics Video

Logistics Video

Cryo Perlite

This video is this video we showcase the logistics of moving sensitive material. It also tackles the perlite problems. Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. It is an industrial mineral and a commercial product useful for its low density after processing.

In this video perlite is responsible for keeping any number of cold boxes, tanks and tankers insulated. After capturing the video with our San Diego video production team we sent the content to our pos-production facility. There illustrator Doug Morris, head of blare post, Jason Wada, created animated sequences to provide visual richness to an otherwise mundane mechanical process. These graphics and animations, when combined with a specific style of documentary videography, serve to explain and illustrate the mineral giant’s perlite capabilities simply and effectively.

More about how this perlite is important to logistics:

Perlite for Nonevacuated Cryogenic and Low Temperature


Because of its unique properties, perlite insulation has found wide acceptance in the insulating of cryogenic and low temperature storage tanks, in shipping containers, cold boxes, test chambers, and in food processing.

Storage temperatures of -150 F (-100 C) and below are considered cryogenic. Storage temperatures of -150 F (-100 C) and above to 40 F (4 C) are considered low temperature. Super cold or extremely cold cryogenic fluids such as hydrogen and helium are normally stored in spherical, double walled vessels with evacuated annual spaces using evacuated perlite. Read More

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