MMA Gym TV Commercial Production

MMA Gym TV Commercial

American Kickboxing Academy

This is a MMA Gym television commercial we produced with Josh Koscheck for his kickboxing academy. The American Kickboxing Academy offers top-level public instruction in Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA), kickboxing and jiu-jitsu for men, women, and children. In addition to providing top-level public instruction, AKA also provides private professional training and professional fighter management.

Koscheck has since dropped the AKA name and is now using the Dethrone.

“First and foremost, my teammates over there at AKA in San Jose are my brothers. I love those guys. 8 years, we’ve basically trained ourselves and got us to the level that we are and we’ve all relied on each other and those guys are forever going to be my teammates, I’m forever going to train with them, but I’m just not going to train in San Jose with them,” said Koscheck.

Javier Mendez, the owner of the American Kickboxing Academy, responds to former AKA fighter Josh Koscheck saying he hopes the gym “burns to the ground,” what went wrong with Koscheck, whether he regrets it, Mike Swick’s return, B.J. Penn wanting to train with AKA, Cormier vs. Mir, and much more.

It seems Josh Koscheck is about to retire with will give him more time with his gym. Read More