Product Promo Video

Product Promo Video

51Fifty – Sweet Potato Video

What? A product promo video for an energy drink company? Going out to the farm fields to capture footage? Seeing how this company uses organic sweet potatoes in it’s new energy drink, what? Yes it is true, and we did that! Our Blare Films’ production team goes anywhere to get great footage.  We get what ever is needed to tell the story.  So this should come as no shock.  However, what caught us off guard was how good the drink was.  Great bump of energy without the crash.

We shot this product promo video with the Red Epic Dragon and our DJI Inspire 1 Drone. Our crew and pilot did an excellent job grabbing the aerial and close up footage. A slider on elevated rails capture some of the wide shots. Once back to our post-production department the Blare Films’ editing team piece it together, fixed the audio, and dropped in music. Finally, they color correction it and provided one last polish.

We have done a lot of work for 51Fifty Energy Drink company. A lot of it is displayed on there website: 51Fifty

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