Rock Band Music Video Production

Rock Band Music Video Production

Rippin – Im A Little Jealous

This was the first Music Video directed by Blare Films San Diego’s own Ro Leon. Funny, our production team left our Red One UHD camera at the studio. They didn’t realize that until they were on location. It would not be a big deal except the shooting location was 2 hours away from our studio. Lucky for us we had friends near the location. We ended up borrowing two Canon 5D Mark III cameras. They weren’t the Reds, however, we you have a camera operators it matters very little. Proof is in this video.
Rippin was the name of the Rock band performing. The sang was called, “Im A Little Jealous”. The song was pretty catching. We were all singing it by the end of the shoot. Justin McAleece was our super cameraman. Ian McAleece was the grip and Brianna Herrington was our production assistant. Ro Leon was also responsible for casting model Brittney Scharnick. Brittney was the one making everyone a little jealous. Once the shooting was completed our post-production team pieced it all together.

About Rippin:

RIPPIN is a California Rock band Inspired by and comparable to Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and every other guitar hero, RIPPIN is a retro hard rock band with melodic, aggressive, guitar-driven high powered vocal with thunderous rhythm intensity. The California rockers provide neck-snapping, modern rock with a grunge edge. The latest EP “Jealous” shows the band can even add a touch of country-rock. Read More