Supervision Saves Lives TV Commercial

Supervision Saves Lives

Children’s Hospital TV Commercial Production

Supervision Saves Lives! Television campaign for Children’s Hospital Central California (CHCC).¬†The spot was concepted and written by Windsong Productions, directed by Byron Watkins and shot by Ian McAleece with the Red Epic Camera with Canon EF L Series lenses.

Caregivers/teachers should directly supervise infants, toddlers, and preschoolers by sight and hearing at all times, even when the children are going to sleep, napping or sleeping, are beginning to wake up, or are indoors or outdoors. School-age children should be within sight or hearing at all times. Caregivers/teachers should not be on one floor level of the building, while children are on another floor or room. Ratios should remain the same whether inside or outside.

School-age children should be permitted to participate in activities off the premises with appropriate adult supervision and with written approval by a parent/guardian and by the caregiver. If parents/guardians give written permission for the school-age child to participate in off-premises activities, the facility would no longer be responsible for the child during the off-premises activity and not need to provide staff for the off-premises activity.

Caregivers/teachers should regularly count children (name to face on a scheduled basis, at every transition, and whenever leaving one area and arriving at another), going indoors or outdoors, to confirm the safe whereabouts of every child at all times. Additionally, they must be able to state how many children are in their care at all times.

Supervision Guidelines