Light Kit

Proper Light Kit


What should be in a proper light kit?

So you are a producer or a director and you need a light kit and gear. The project is a TV commercial and you want to make sure you have enough lighting. At Blare Films of San Diego this is what we would recommend.

Standard Light Kit
2x Diva400’s with tungsten and daylight tubes and crates and floziers
1x 12”x12″ Dracast Bi-color LED and 2x V-Mount battery (3 hours run time)
2x 6”x12″ Dracast Bi-color LED and V-Mount battery (3 hours run time)
Joker 800 OR Mole 575 Par with Chimera soft box
Tungsten lighting kit including: 2x1K Fresnel, 2x 650W Tweenie Fresnel, 2x 200W Fresnel (or similar wattages)
Gel rolls with correction and coloring
6×6 frame with full set of rags
Dana Dolly with 100mm bowl and 5-6’ Speed Rail

Additional lighting options:
1200W PAR HMI $100/Day (Magnetic Ballast)
KINO 4ft 4bank with bulbs $50/Day

Included Grip Gear:
6 C-Stands
2 Short C-stands
2 Light stands
3 Low Combos (2 for Dana Dolly)
4 Regular Combos
2 Jr. Grip Head (lollypop)
3 Mafer Clamps
3 Cardellini Clamps
1 6-8′ Step Ladder
~10 20lb Sandbags
2 Each Full, 1/2, 1/4, and Pancake Apples
5 Each #1, #2, #3 Grip Clips
2 Furni Pads
2 Each 2×3 Single, Double, Silk and Solid
1 Each 4×4 Solid, 250 frame and Full Grid
Bullets, gaff tape, black wrap, etc…

If you want to get a full list available for your San Diego video project: click here

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